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Friday 5 March

The Cure Passport gigrated10 / 10.0(1)

Amazing, we got in to the Barfly, read my Cure review.

I was at this gig, see my full gig history.

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Barfly, 49 Chalk Farm Road, London, NW1 8AN :: [comment] :: [delete]

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Thursday 26 February

The Cure / NME Big Gigrated9 / 10.0(1)

Interesting slating of last year's event here, but we will still go... SOLD OUT now, of course get tickets here...

I was at this gig, see my full gigography.

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O2 ArenaPeninsula Square, Greenwich, London SE10 0DX :: [comment] :: [delete]

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Thursday 20 March

The Curerated8 / 10.0(1)

Our annual trip out to a young person's pop music concert. Well, The Cure anyway.

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Wembley ArenaEngineers Way, Wembley, London HA9 0DH :: [comment] :: [delete]

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Saturday 24 June

Glastonbury 1995rated7.6 / 10.0(1)

The year Pulp replaced The Stone Roses as headliners, along with Oasis and The Cure. Great weather. Peak of the britpop years.

A repeating event...

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GlastonburyWorthy Farm, Somerset :: [comment] :: [delete]

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Thursday 1 December

The Curerated6.8 / 10.0(1)

+ Twilight Sad... think this is the day we're going. Booked a year in advance, not sure I've done that for a gig before.

Source: ticket

I was at this event, see my full gig history.

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Wembley ArenaEngineers Way, Wembley, London HA9 0DH :: [comment] :: [delete]

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Fun weekend Harry 's homework was a breeze, he had to learn spellings and times tables and had a practise... [Mon 5 December 2016]

Booked a year in advance, but I'm not going to The Cure now. Kev is in France again and was thinking of visiting that... [Mon 21 November 2016]

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Cure tickets sold out in 30 seconds So we'd probably not have got them anyway. Extra date announced for the Friday. Still not going,... [Fri 31 January 2014]

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Suede charity barfly gig Suede are doing a charity gig at the Barfly . Back in the day I'd have been in there like a... [Wed 27 February 2013]

I thought The Cure were at the Isle of Wight Festival? I watched hours and hours of The Isle Of Wight Festival over the weekend. Nearly all on fast... [Mon 25 June 2012]

We survived not going to The Cure The Cure gig was last night at the Albert Hall , we thought about going, but did not. And we... [Thu 17 November 2011]

I could put the 瞿300 we save by not buying Cure tickets towards a new telly! We don't need a new TV, but, we could get one anyway. If I don't spend this 瞿300 fast, Clare... [Fri 30 September 2011]

Lol Tolhurst is back for this Cure show A different lineup of the band for each album, reflecting how the band were at the time. I'm not... [Fri 30 September 2011]

Bed arrives today And tickets for The Cure go on sale this morning, getting ready on the refresh button. Priced... [Fri 30 September 2011]

The Cure doing their first three albums in one show at the Albert Hall Damn I don't want to go tot he Albert Hall will be an expensive trip all told, but I'd like to... [Wed 28 September 2011]

Noticed people talking about Public Enemy on the twitter Can't quite be arsed to sign in to twitter again but it's that time of night when I feel the... [Sun 11 September 2011]

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Signed "Killing an Arab" promo Nice story, not actual provenance though is it... [Mon 2 March 2009]

Still no review of The Cure then Had a good time, but I have nothing to say about the gig :-( [Mon 2 March 2009]

Would have had a better view from Google Earth The view from our seats at the #Cure #gig [Fri 27 February 2009]

Running times for The Cure next week Doors - 18:30 White Lies - 18:50 Interval - 19:20 Crystal Castles - 19:35 Interval -... [Fri 20 February 2009]

No permission to view that picture :-( [Sat 14 February 2009]

RE: Got my Cure tickets How's your vertigo? [Sat 14 February 2009]

Got my Cure tickets Not sure they are the standing tickets I thought I was getting though, hmm... Looks like we are... [Tue 10 February 2009]

Never mind the inauguration Franz Ferdinand are the final support act for The Cure / NME Big Gig that we're off to in a... [Tue 20 January 2009]

Seven second pint Indigo2 at the O2 Arena are boasting a fast pint: "7 second pint" fast-pour technology at... [Thu 8 January 2009]

RE: Haha nice one, have you scanned in all your tickets? i did - apparently i only went to the hammy odeon 6 times ;) i was bored one day just before... [Sun 4 January 2009]

The Cure / NME Awards Big Gig tickets Get tickets here for this sold out show... [Sun 4 January 2009]

Foals no longer supporting The Cure at the O2 The event page has only Crystal Castles and White Lies playing now, not sure where... [Thu 1 January 2009]

Haha nice one, have you scanned in all your tickets? I expect like me you don't have tickets for a lot of the shows we would have attended together...... [Thu 1 January 2009]

RE: So long Astoria this was the brats pass:... [Thu 1 January 2009]

So long Astoria Catching up on what friends have to say, and I find out from Darryl that there is a closing... [Wed 31 December 2008]

NME Big Gig 2009 / The Cure support acts Support from Franz Ferdinand, Crystal Castles, and White Lies looks like. Still got tickets here! [Mon 10 November 2008]

Cure tickets on sale at 9am Get them here , good luck. An initial batch already sold out through , guess that's why... [Mon 10 November 2008]

Cure tickets Seems it's nearly time for our annual pilgrimage, The Cure are playing the O2 , it's an NME... [Sat 8 November 2008]

Surely that would be ILLEGAL? I have seen it now, we watched part one last night, it was pretty good wasn't it? [Wed 26 March 2008]

RE: Mighty Easter weekender, with The Cure You can download The Colour of Magic at have and so far its rather good. [Wed 26 March 2008]

I fell asleep during it It looked nice enough, but was a bit gentle for my energetic tastes. Why can't they just repeat... [Mon 24 March 2008]

RE: Mighty Easter weekender, with The Cure Shame you didn't like N1LDA. I liked it - nice and simple, nice and upbeat and just what I... [Mon 24 March 2008]

Mighty Easter weekender, with The Cure Hope you've all had as good an extended weekend as I have. As is usual when I've been off for a... [Mon 24 March 2008]

Still Cure tickets left Less than a week to go until our gig of the year The Cure at Wembley on Thursday. Got an... [Sat 15 March 2008]

Great sounding gig coming up in Folkestone Thursday 20th March at the Southcliff Hotel sees "The Seaside Sessions", an event in aid of... [Fri 7 March 2008]

65daysofstatic 65daysofstatic are supporting The Cure in March. And we're going! To the downloadmobile! [Mon 11 February 2008]

Cure tickets Off to see The Cure at Wembley [Sat 29 September 2007]

Frank Skinner tonight Off to Frank Skinner tonight at the Leas Cliff Hall , my first gig-like event in a long while,... [Fri 28 September 2007]

The Cure playing Wembley The Cure are playing Wembley on March 20th according to the nme . Thanks to Emma for... [Thu 27 September 2007]

Spicy Cabbage Soup Recipe I'm not dieting or anything but I thought I'd follow this super no fat diet recipe . I added in... [Mon 3 April 2006]

Chops! Started the weekend with a super rarity, drinks in Farringdon . Been trying to meet up with a... [Sun 2 April 2006]

The Cure at the Albert Hall! Read all about it , had sold out by the time I'd posted that though... 1st April, a charity... [Mon 13 February 2006]

The Bufftings take London Folkestone's own Bufftings are trekking up to London, doing a gig only a few yards from my... [Mon 1 August 2005]

Ligers Also stellastarr* , one of my favourites, recently played a secret gig under the... [Fri 24 June 2005]

so funny! It's so funny how you act like the liger is talking.The liger picture you have is so can I get... [Thu 17 February 2005]

I think, but Ill have to check with my source That it is something to do with the wee. Rats dont like it, and mice dont like rat wee.... [Mon 26 July 2004]

Nice Do mice repel rats then? Or if there are mice around it means they've not been scared off by... [Mon 26 July 2004]

There is one upside to having mice It means you dont get rats. I was talking to our zoologist yesterday and he said that mice have... [Sat 24 July 2004]

broken CSS As before, it was an error on a previous line in the CSS that was causing the problem. [Tue 20 July 2004]

Lessons for the day Got to figure out why onBlur() isn't working on pulldown menus on the popEx control panel in... [Tue 20 July 2004]

Levinhurst Lol Tolhurst from The Cure has a brand new band called Levinhurst whose debut CD just came... [Thu 1 July 2004]

hot hot hot robert smith is a beautiful man! [Sat 26 June 2004]

Pixies review Pixies were amazing last night at Brixton, could be one of the best gigs ever. We warmed up for... [Thu 3 June 2004]

Cure Barfly bootleg Not sure of the quality yet, but check out these MP3's of The Cure 's recent Barfly gig, part... [Tue 1 June 2004]

Pet Shop Boys pictures Here's about the clearest picture I took of Neil Tennant at the Barfly that night...... [Wed 21 April 2004]

RE: Pictures of you man... your a fuckin fag! [Mon 19 April 2004]

RE: Pixies and Cure playing together! It's updated now, I have some snaps up, although they're equally bad. More here. [Fri 16 April 2004]

The Cure! The Pixies Playing together in the UK! Lordy! [Fri 16 April 2004]

Pixies and Cure playing together! The MOVE festival in Manchester has just gone on sale now, and Downtown Money Waster... [Fri 16 April 2004]

RE: Pauly, King of the Tigers I am Italian: The correct spelling should read FERRARI TESTAROSSA Also to be politically... [Wed 31 March 2004]

RE: Pictures of you Hey man, I think he really is one of the sexiest men alive. His mind just makes him more... [Sun 21 March 2004]

RE: Pictures of you wow spooky pics... ooof! [Thu 18 March 2004]

RE: Pictures of you I love him dearly and think he's the sexiest man alive but he's starting to look a bit like... [Thu 18 March 2004]

RE: Pictures of you i think robert looks great as usual!:-) [Thu 18 March 2004]

RE: Pictures of you I think Robert looks beautiful, as always. He was just very hot and frazzled. Sheesh. [Thu 18 March 2004]

RE: Pictures of you wow! Smithy is becoming really really horrible and fat, he looks pretty dirty too. What happened... [Wed 17 March 2004]

RE: Pictures of you I don't think i've ever seen Robert playing a Gibson Firebird before! Man it looks like it was... [Wed 17 March 2004]

RE: Pictures of you yeah man, ole' bob is lookin' quite scary these daze!!! [Tue 16 March 2004]

RE: Pictures of you You should have put a warning on those! [Mon 15 March 2004]

Pictures of you No, actually pictures of The Cure when they played the Barfly last weekend. Read my Cure... [Sun 14 March 2004]

Pet Shop Boys review Was a bit squiffy, don't remember much of it, first we went to the Lock Tavern, then we went into... [Thu 11 March 2004]

RE: Darkness Music Passport review no Pet Shop Boys review? For shame! [Thu 11 March 2004]

RE: The Cure who said liking the cure was something to be proud of`? theyre shit [Wed 10 March 2004]

RE: The Cure Pauly... in the words of "the bear" & Kelly Osbourne...YOU NOB JOCKEY!, WE FUCKING HAAATE... [Tue 9 March 2004]

Pauly, King of the Ligers Once upon a time there was a little boy called Paul. He blagged his way onto Big Brother 2001 and... [Tue 9 March 2004]

RE: who? Justin Hawkins, you really ROCKKK !!!! Love you :-) [Tue 9 March 2004]

who? who the HELL are THE CURE, anyway? love is o-o-o-nly a fe-ee-ee-ling la la la la see me? I... [Tue 9 March 2004]

The Cure Hello, just to remind everyone that here is a The Cure Review (with some pictures, more... [Tue 9 March 2004]

RE: The Cure review "the" pet shop boys... or just pet shop boys in general? [Tue 9 March 2004]

RE: The Cure review Pauly knows lots about the Pet Shop Boys. If I told you, I'd have to kill you. [Tue 9 March 2004]

RE: The Cure review whilst im unsure if pauly would call himself a "true fan" he does like the cure, lots.. i think... [Tue 9 March 2004]

RE: The Cure review why cant you understand why were annoyed? WE'RE not sure it was pauly WHINGING and... [Tue 9 March 2004]

RE: The Cure review neat. you've managed to annoy a whole load of "twoo fans". one of the things that I always... [Tue 9 March 2004]

RE: The Cure review do you mean a 'ligger'? a liger is a cross between a tiger and a lion. them Scientists made... [Tue 9 March 2004]

RE: The Cure review what a bunch of whinging bitches [Tue 9 March 2004]

Yeah shes rite Pauly yoo r ovbiously a div who knows nothing about nothing and Bob Smithie (as his true fans... [Tue 9 March 2004]

All systems go Looks like the amendments to the lease for the flat will be OK, though it's going to cost me to... [Tue 9 March 2004]

RE: Yeah but no but, I am a REAL FAN!!! um, that's not a real fan you ASS. you obviously DO NOT GET IT and never will. [Mon 8 March 2004]

RE: The Cure review Well. what can I say about this? This is the sort of person who takes the place as a special gig... [Mon 8 March 2004]

Yeah but no but, I am a REAL FAN!!! I've got "THE CURE" tippexed onto my pencil case and EVERYTHING! I'm going to cut it into my... [Mon 8 March 2004]

RE: The Cure review right on! pauly obviously doesn't know anything about the cure or cure fans... seriously pauly,... [Mon 8 March 2004]

RE: The Cure review Hi Would just like to say in response to the review i've just read by "Pauly" that it was an... [Mon 8 March 2004]

RE: Darkness Music Passport review Must have been standing right next to you - was also next to their parents last night! [Mon 8 March 2004]

Darkness review How good can one weekend get, seeing The Cure , The Pet Shop Boys and finally The Darkness... [Mon 8 March 2004]

Darkness Music Passport review If you are Clare 's brother and you're still smarting that we went to The Cure on Friday, then... [Mon 8 March 2004]

If you're going to be like that... then maybe we'll keep Robert Smith's plectrum! [Sun 7 March 2004]


The Cure review Unbelievably, we got into The Cure last night at Barfly Camden , and here is my review...... [Sat 6 March 2004]

Anapod update I use anapod to organise my IPOD , and it's great. It looks like a regular explorer window but... [Fri 5 March 2004]

Contracts Spoke to the solicitor again, he has concerns that the lease of the flat is unreasonably... [Wed 3 March 2004]

BOO! Didn't win any of the staff draws for tickets for the music passport shows... can only hold out... [Mon 23 February 2004]

Car crash Got held up on the 106 home last night, by an accident outside the Rose and Crown ... I would... [Thu 5 February 2004]

Passport Ebay update Hey buddy, can you spare a grand? [Thu 5 February 2004]

Cure tickets, buy or sell Lordy, 770 quid for a pair (so far) ... [Mon 2 February 2004]

The Pet Shop Boys Have decided, to use one of my entries for the Music Passport gig draw on a chance of seeing... [Sat 31 January 2004]

The Cure Passport Gig Clare is going to insist on my using all my competition entries on this one gig... will... [Fri 30 January 2004]

The Darkness Passport Gig The Darkness play a music passport show at Barfly London ... Not sure whether to use up one... [Fri 30 January 2004]

I met this girl on Monday, took her for a drink on Tuesday, we were doing a music passport show at <... I met this girl on Monday, took her for a drink on Tuesday, we were doing a music passport show... [Fri 30 January 2004]

Ash Passport Gig Ash play a music passport show at Barfly London ... Ash have done warm up type shows at... [Fri 30 January 2004]

David Gray Passport Gig David Gray plays a music passport show at Barfly London today... no interest in going to... [Fri 30 January 2004]

Music Passport I've just been offered a possible a lifeline for the music passport gigs - each member of staff... [Fri 30 January 2004]

Morning So, - have you checked it out? [Mon 26 January 2004]

Music Passport Arrived at work to a disaster this morning, some web servers not responding, including... [Mon 26 January 2004]

Arse! The Cure do a huge outdoor show, and we can't make it... [Fri 3 May 2002]

Robert Smith is Quite Cross No, not quite cross, I mean LIVID. [Fri 1 September 2000]

The Sullivans I thought The Cure had called it a day? [Tue 29 August 2000]

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