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Saturday 5 July

rate Mighty Boosh festival

Ah, it wasn't made up Neil Young is playing in Kent too... at the Hop Farm, the same location as the supposed Mighty Boosh Festival.

More gigs at The Hop Farm and The Hop Farm gig history.

The Hop FarmThe Hop Farm Country Park, Paddock Wood, Maidstone, Kent TN12 6PY :: [comment] :: [delete]

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Sunday 22 May

rate Live folk music with Yosemite

Popular local musician Yosemite plays live at the Sandgate Hotel.

Yosemite is influenced by and plays Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, and folk music as well as some original songs.

More gigs at Sandgate Hotel and Sandgate Hotel gig history.

Sandgate Hotel8-9 Wellington Terrace, Sandgate Esplanade, Sandgate, CT20 3DY :: [comment] :: [delete]

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