Iron maiden


Iron Maiden

Wednesday 20 March

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The Clive Burr benefit gig, went with Ralph.

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Brixton AcademyStockwell Road, Brixton, London SW9 9SL :: [comment] :: [delete]

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Iron Maiden

Thursday 18 October

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Was on a Nixdorf training course in Hounslow, turned up too late for support band Wolfsbane, and anyway we had no tickets, but got given some by someone outside, I am sure it was Tommy Vance. Apparently we saw Jonathon King there too.

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Hammersmith OdeonQueen Caroline Street, Hammersmith, London W6 9QH :: [comment] :: [delete]

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Iron Maiden

Thursday 20 September

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Snuck in, and got thrown out again before the gig started. Went home, having not seen the gig.

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Mayflower TheatreCommercial Road, Southampton, , SO15 1GE :: [comment] :: [delete]

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