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Wednesday 24 August

Foo Fightersrated7.75 / 10.0(1)

Reading warmup at the Astoria... aargh, who will video LOST for us?

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Astoria157 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0EN :: [comment] :: [delete]

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Thursday 18 July

Phoenix Festivalrated7.1 / 10.0(2)

I clearly remember David Devant and Holy Barbarians, David Bowie, Sex Pistols and Foo Fighters too I think, must have seen a lot more though...

A repeating event...

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Avon Park RacewayLongmarston, Stratford Upon Avon :: [comment] :: [delete]

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Reading FestivalReading, Berkshire :: [comment] :: [delete]

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Twenty years ago today I was at Phoenix Festival It's a very hot day here today, might hit thirty degrees thought tomorrow is supposed to be a... [Mon 18 July 2016]

RT @darryl1974 The demolition of the Astoria in pictures: [Wed 15 July 2009]

Updating my gigography Trail of Dead and Snow Patrol gig was at ULU, of course. [Mon 18 May 2009]

RE: Haha nice one, have you scanned in all your tickets? i did - apparently i only went to the hammy odeon 6 times ;) i was bored one day just before... [Sun 4 January 2009]

Haha nice one, have you scanned in all your tickets? I expect like me you don't have tickets for a lot of the shows we would have attended together...... [Thu 1 January 2009]

RE: So long Astoria this was the brats pass:... [Thu 1 January 2009]

So long Astoria Catching up on what friends have to say, and I find out from Darryl that there is a closing... [Wed 31 December 2008]

This seems to be the oldest surviving popex news post [Fri 24 October 2008]

Do not recycle from last night's Dio show Foo Fighters tour rider , quite amusing. I didn't even know there were nine vegans. [Sat 24 May 2008]

More funky art for sale on ebay For sale from Church Street, Folkestone , if that's expired already search for C A Jasper or... [Thu 20 December 2007]

I'd like to see something witty Um, I can't think what though. Whatever happened to other people's photographs , I thought they... [Wed 19 December 2007]

ezee tiger exhibition ah - Thanks for taking the time to pop over to the art exhibition. tell me, did you find the... [Wed 19 December 2007]

I went, I saw, I even signed the guest book [Wed 19 December 2007]

Giant Dave Grohl Has anyone been over to the Art Exhibition at Hythe Road , just off the A20 near to Secret... [Wed 19 December 2007]

Bah, how'd I miss this? Not that we'd have got tickets for this Earth concert at Wembley Madonna , James Blunt and... [Thu 19 April 2007]

Latest popex ticket sales Affiliate sales have perked up a bit this month, here are the top twenty sellers through popex... [Thu 9 March 2006]

A hundred million apologies As if it wasn't bad enough I made you go and see Queen, then I go and steal this one from under... [Thu 25 August 2005]

Foo Fighters... fair [Thu 25 August 2005]

Jo Whiley Spotted herself queueing with everyone else to get into last night's Foo Fighters gig at the... [Thu 25 August 2005]

Les Foos Went to the Astoria last night to see The Foo Fighters, and it was ace. Right until the last... [Thu 25 August 2005]

bah! not as good as seeing him last night to do a special totp's recording. they were gonna do a few... [Fri 6 May 2005]

So close! The Foo Fighters apparently had a secret gig lined up at Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms tonight.... [Fri 6 May 2005]

SMITHS REUNION! SMITHS REUNION! SMITHS REUNION! What do you think to the rumour that was in popbitch last week, about the band being in talks?... [Fri 6 August 2004]

Well, that's how I found you, Pauly put up a mention of the Smiths on the web, and I'll find it fairly quickly ... x [Fri 6 August 2004]

Index Of intitle:index.of mp3 the darkness intitle:index.of?mp3 goldie lookin' chain... [Fri 30 July 2004]

Chambers Beer Festival The Chambers "Easter Ales" Beer Festival was a raging success, from the first day to the... [Tue 13 April 2004]

Chambers Beer Festival Folkestone's finest boozatorium, The Chambers is holding an "Easter Ales Festival" over the... [Mon 29 March 2004]

Faux Fighters Love it, there's a Foo Fighters tribute band, called The Faux Fighters ... Dave Grohl would... [Tue 17 February 2004]

V Festival is looking (*gasp*) quite good this year RHCP, Foo Fighters, Ash, Underworld, The Coral, PJ Harvey, Queens Of The Stone Age, Lemon Jelly... [Sat 8 March 2003]

Uncle Bob's Reading Reception Reading ROCKED for PopEx... [Tue 29 August 2000]

Foo Fighters secret show - at WEMBLEY STADIUM WORD in the HOOD is that the Foos are doing a secret show this Saturday... [Thu 2 March 2000]

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