Thursday 26 August

Blurrated10 / 10.0(1)

Reading warmup, got very drunk on vodka red bulls, fell in a bush,and you can see me on the South Bank Show Special that was filmed there. Off to Reading the next day.

Definitely one of my favourite ever gigs.

I heard about tickets somehow and Clare (who was a student at the time and lived in New Cross went and got the tickets. Was a lot easier than a warm-up gig like this might have been these days!

I was working at at the time and was heading off to Reading the next day. Not sure if I lost my laptop or phone at the gig or if I lost them at the festival over the next few days. One or the other thoug, was a chaotic time.

We had a few drinks before the gig...

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Goldsmiths CollegeUnion Building, Dixon Road, New Cross, London SE14 6NW :: [comment] :: [delete]

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Monday 12 May

Blurrated8 / 10.0(1)

Last of a five night residency. Would you adam and eve it PHIL DANIELS showed up!

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Astoria157 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0EN :: [comment] :: [delete]

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Friday 10 December

Blurrated8 / 10.0(1)

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The Brighton CentreKings Road, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 2GR :: [comment] :: [delete]

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Tuesday 18 July

Black Graperated8 / 10.0(1)

Their first gig. Joe Strummer and Alex Blur were there too.

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The Wedgewood Rooms147b Albert Rd, Southsea, Hampshire PO4 0JW :: [comment] :: [delete]

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Thursday 23 June

Glastonbury 1994rated7.6 / 10.0(1)

My first Glastonbury festival, went in my van, hard to fault the lineup on the NME stage... Blur, Pulp, Oasis, Beastie Boys, Bjork, Manics, Radiohead, etc. Britpop-tastic.

A repeating event...

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GlastonburyWorthy Farm, Somerset :: [comment] :: [delete]

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Thursday 25 June

Glastonbury 1998rated7.2 / 10.0(1)

Can only remember Blur and Robbie Williams really. First one I went to with Clare (though she was also there in 1995 and 1997)

A repeating event...

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GlastonburyWorthy Farm, Somerset :: [comment] :: [delete]

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Friday 14 July

Graham Coxonrated7 / 10.0(1)

Excellent, good to see his Blur bandmates turning out to cheer him on the audience too, Damon was pogoing away like a goodun

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The Garage20 Highbury Corner, Islington London N5 1RD :: [comment] :: [delete]

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Friday 27 August

Reading Festival 1999rated6.9 / 10.0(1)

Blur headlined, not a very strong lineup I don't think. I was working mostly, and managed to lose my first mobile phone that work lent me.

A repeating event...

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Reading FestivalReading, Berkshire :: [comment] :: [delete]

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