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Got some deliveries on the way today

Got a big order of nespresso pods and some home brew equipment on the way - I love post pay day parcel delivery day!

WFH today too, mostly adding tests to my React components and trying to worry them through the pull request process with work.

Not a nice day today though, is winter setting in? Was fabulous yesterday, so nice in fact that I treated myself to changing the filters on the dyson (really improves performance). You have to take them out, clean them, and leave them out to dry for 24 hours. Yeah I left them outside, they're soaking this morning, that's another 24 hours without hoovering then.
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Successful Sunday

Took Tommy swimming, while Harry was at gymnastics. Then we went to Brew cafe, it was nice, but quiet so we really noticed the boys bellowing at the top of their voices.

My sister just got a tattoo, all her group of friends got a matching one, like the fellowship of the ring.

I already cooked tonight's dinner yesterday while Clare was at work, and Harry's homework is done (by him) so can relax for the rest of the day.
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Ruby and Rugby

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Clare went out last night to watch the rugby and have a curry, I stayed home and watched it and ate vegeburgers and drank some home brew. Inevitable, the home brew and the rugby really.

I also did a tonne of coding, here's my pull request into my own home automation repo. I've done it as a pr and shared it with the lightwaverf hackers forum in case anyone has any suggestions or ideas but I'll probably just merge it and publish it today. I've got used to looking at code in pull requests too now, since that's how we work at work. If I do everything in a branch then it's just one thing to revert if it all turns out to be wrong. Anyway, it fixes the issues that are going to be caused by google next month when they take away the xml feed for google calendar. Now you can run your home automation from any calendar that publishes an ical format, much better. I learned a lot too.
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Google are going to mess up my home automation next month

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Bah, they're turning off xml access to google calendar, and that's what I do to turn my lights on and off using the calendar...

Because of low usage, and in an effort to streamline our services, from 18 November 2015, XML feeds will no longer be available in Google Calendar. You're getting this message because you're currently viewing or sharing a link to one or more of your calendars using an XML feed.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Google Calendar will continue to support three ways of viewing your calendars in other applications or on websites. You can:

Access your calendar in other applications, such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple Calendar, using iCal.
Embed your calendar in your website or blog using HTML.
Use the Google Calendar API to display, create and modify calendar events if you're a developer.
Finally, you can always view and manage your calendars using the Google Calendar app for Android, iPhone or on the web.
- The Calendar team

Time to investigate ical access or use the real api or something. How annoying, haven't done any lightwaverf dev for ages...


api: application interface, how two different computer systems can talk to each other - people use websites, other computers use apis
lightwaverf: the light switches etc that I use to give me remote control of everything in the house
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React still going well

That's the new javaascript thing I'm doing, still enjoying it, making some great progress too, everyone is pleased.

Harry had his harvest festival today, he sang his song for us when he got in. I was at work and Clare was monitoring Tommy's toilet activities, so couldn't go. Tommy's doing really well today, back on track after completely going off the idea yesterday.

Booked the car in for MOT.
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Jessica Hynes was at swimming yesterday

Her what was Jessica Stevenson off Spaced and everything. I suspect she was there to see her own kid rather than watching Harry but you never know.

We all went swimming as a family on Sunday, did I say? Mostly practice for Harry really, though Tommy enjoyed it more. I took the opportunity and did four lengths of the pool and it nearly killed me. I have a badge says I did 3000m once.
We might go again this weekend, just Harry and me this time though.

Hey it's pay day and I've been too busy to spend any of it yet! And my month of being utterly frugal and not drinking paid off, I got to the end of the month with a hundred quid left over, AND having transferred nothing out of my savings. This basically means I spent about three hundred pounds less than usual. Do I really drink that much?

Might celebrate pay day with one of the beers Mum and Dad brought me back from Guernsey. Cheers!
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I can't get my hands clean enough

Not only am I having to empty Tommy's pooey potty at the moment, but I had some bonus cat poo to deal with this week too. I'm cat sitting this week, sort of, going round at lunchtime to feed someone's cat. For some reason I thought to check the cat flap, can the cat get in and out ok? NO, it was locked, so a cat could come in but not get out. This isn't good, this must have been this way a couple of days, but no time to investigate, got to get back to work. Next day I did investigate and found MASSES of cat poo on the bed. Just had time to clear the solids away, and have to go back and burn the duvet. I wouldn't want to sleep under it again.

Hey, if I am cat sitting for you, I hope you're having a nice holiday. Your cat did a poo on your bed.
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Coffee machine hack

One to read later a hacked coffee machine. Nice, uses the same idea I did for my laundrino washing machine hack - you don't have to open up the guts of the machine infuriating your wife, you can put a sensor on the outside that watches for the light to change...
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