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An unexpected night out!

Princess of Shoreditch pub real ale gastropub food restaurant pub real ale gastropub food restaurant nic ralph nick britpop high speed beer camra kings cross st pancras wine harry cornetto jelly tots craft beer hole in the wall hair cut angel wetherspoons thai nme the eagle pop goes the weasel city road princess of princess of shoreditch curry brick lane folkestone west tommy
Got an email slightly out of the blue from old buddy Nic to myself, Ralph, and Nick, saying hey let's meet up in London on Wednesday after work. Now obviously he has been watching the same "20 years of Britpop" documentaries that we all have and it's made him look back a bit to our glory days, but all credit to him, very much appreciated. So Wednesday afternoon I took the afternoon off to head up to London to meet them. Ralph still works in London, Nic is there frequently on business, and Nick is still based there so it's only me who had to travel in specially. Very much appreciated this opportunity to catch up, though feeling slightly apprehensive about a spontaneous trip into town.

Ducked out of work at lunchtime and ended up running to the train as my morning meeting over ran slightly. Spent the journey up on the high speed catching up on back issues off Beer magazine (the CAMRA publication). It only comes out every three months, don't know how I'd got so behind or why I was breaking my back carrying these around... I had a whole afternoon ahead of me in London, not meeting the chaps until 5.30, what was I to do?

First stop obviously Kings Cross / St Pancras. Did not head straight to the pub, but had a look in the shops. Thought about buying some nice looking wine there, but did not, and had a look in the toy shop. The only things I was under instruction to buy were for Harry - a cornetto and some jelly tots. I brought these back from London once (cornetto chocolate bit only, not ice cream) so each time we mention London now that is what he wants. Could I find either in the station? No.

Walked from the station vaguely in the direction I would be meeting the chaps later, from Kings Cross through Angel towards Shoreditch. Kings Cross has changed A LOT, lots of development going on, it's barely recognisable even though I have been there relatively recently. A simple walk to Angel, stopping to get a sandwich on the way - it was going to be a long day, and because my meeting over ran I did not get time to have my lunch before leaving the office. Quite a long walk so I thought I'd treat myself with a pint in Islington at the Craft Beer shop (or something like that). But it was shut, not open until 4pm, reminds me of our first failed visit to the Hole In The Wall a few weeks ago. There's a barber shop right nearby and I'm quite overdue so I nipped in for a hair cut. That went fairly well so I treated myself with a very cheap pint right after in the Angel (Wetherspoons) and then some food in the Thai takeaway next door - it's a buffet fill-a-box for a fiver type deal that I've been in before a long time ago, a great deal.

Carried on walking from there down towards Shoreditch. That walk is not one I have done a lot, but it is somehow very very familiar, as it's just about the first place I came to when I moved to London. I came up here looking for a place to live when I got the NME job, bought a copy of loot and wandered about. The walk from Angel down that road sticks in my mind, there must have been some house share that I did not take up down that way.

Close to my destination I saw The Eagle, this is the pub in Pop Goes The Weasel so I had to go in:

Half a pound of tuppeny rice
Half a pound of treacle
That's the way the money goes
Pop goes the weasel

Every night when I go out
The monkey's on the table
Take a stick and knock it off
Pop goes the weasel

In and out the City Road
In and out The Eagle
That's the way the money goes
Pop goes the weasel

2.10 for half a pint, that's the way the money goes. Still a nice pub.

Met my friends in the Princess of Shoreditch and a lovely time was had by all. Disagreements about where to eat, they all basically wanted raw meat in a slaughterhouse and I was not so keen, we tried a pizza place but there was a half hour queue so we went for a curry on Brick Lane.

The evening was over far to quickly, I hope we can do it again before another ten years passes.

Writing this on the train home. Had to take my lap top with me as I was heading out from work. Will be quite a late night, especially if I walk back from Folkestone West but at least that will be a nice bit of exercise. Did not find a cornetto but managed to get the jelly tots, and some magic stars for Tommy too. Sorry lover, the wine shop was shut on the way back...
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Big AWS outage

Hmm lots of Amazon web services went down for a few hours last night (used for hosting this website, as well as work, and lots of the rest of the internets). Also we woke up this morning to our Tommy monitor beeping, because it was running low on power. We had a power cut over night, though it came back on five minutes after I got up. What is going on?
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Lots of LightwaveRF on ebay

Someone is selling a whole bundle. There is always quite a lot on there but it's not usually genuine second hand. This is all boxed, could be a bargain for you.


lightwaverf: the light switches etc that I use to give me remote control of everything in the house
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Where did the super long weekend go?

I have had a lovely long spring bank holiday, but don't really feel that I fitted much in. Clare worked Friday and today (bank holiday Monday) so as to bank some hours while I was around, and not have to lean on Granny and Grandpa quite so much for child care. This meant Friday and today me and Harry and Tommy did relatively little. At least we kept it green and cheap both days though. Friday we did the beach and the park and also got the Wii out for the first time in years. Harry loves the bowling, so we've been playing quite a lot of the 100 pin version. Also we've played in the garden, got the ball pit and the tent out in the front garden, we'll see what that does to the lawn.

Sunday we had a lovely lunch round the in-laws, and Saturday we had a rare night out at Vinorium as Emma and Jeff were visiting. Had a good time there, that's a nice place. I only sampled the wine, but they ate a proper meal there too. Didn't have too much to drink, I really was just having a taste of as many as I could. Very civilised.

Back to work in the morning.

I should not post too much about what I've been up to as I'm meeting some old friends on Wednesday, and if they do their research and read this, then I'll have nothing to talk about.
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Human remains found in a garden in Portchester

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Probably Napoleonic POWs...

In the garden myself today, not digging up remains though, found some shed paint (or fence paint, whatever, was in the garage when we moved in) and it's supper sunny so guess what, I'm painting the shed. Well I was, while Tommy was sleeping and Harry was playing on the computer. Time to come in now, wake Tommy up and do something constructive...

We also made a sign for the badger doorway in the garden, picture later. Harry drew it out and then I dremeld it.
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The Brewery Tavern: surprisingly surprising

The Old Brewery Tavern pub bar club real ale food booze pub bar club real ale food booze brewery tavern old brewery tavern chimichanga work night out the old brewery tavern clare canterbury rugby jagerbombs the foundry rev 8 out of 10 cats
Before we went to Chimichanga on our work night out we stopped in at The Old Brewery Tavern. Well we were passing, and we saw workmates inside. Also they do real ale there, and so if I was going to be able to have one beer at all while driving, best to have it early. It's a nice place, civilised, though Clare always thinks it's a bit old people, so we never go in there. Well that and the fact we never go out in Canterbury, those are the reasons we never go there. I've had a nice afternoon in there drinking beer and watching rugby while Clare has shopped in the past. So, a nice quiet spot for a pre-dinner beer.

Then we went back after the meal, and it CHANGED. It happened gradually, they lowered the lights, they removed all the pump clips to disguise the fact that they sell local real ale and they started lining up jagerbombs along the bar. Then a velvet rope went up outside, about a dozen bouncers arrived, they moved a till to the front door, and suddenly it was a proper pay-to-get-in nightclub. And we were trapped inside!

OK, not trapped, not my ideal sort of spot but we were in a big group of people of different tastes. I think more of the group would have preferred the real ale-ness of its daytime incarnation, which is why there were murmerings to go to The Foundry instead. By the time this was properly established as the plan, I had definitely lost my momentum, and so headed home.

I think the evening ended a bit earlier than people had planned, but the timing certainly suited me. I was home again by about eleven after dropping some people off, and then sat up and watched Rev and 8 Out Of 10 Cats when I got in.
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Chimichanga: surprisingly nice

Chimichanga restaurant food mexican chain chili vegetarian vegan restaurant food mexican chain chili vegetarian vegan restaurant food mexican chain chili vegetarian vegan chimichanga canterbury work brahma clare work night out
Work night out last night, we went to Chimichanga and it was good. Surprised me, I was not expecting much at all. Portions were a bit smaller than they might have been but everything was very tasty. I had a vegetable wrap (hold the cheese) with spicy fries, and all the other food looked good too. I was driving but everyone else was drinking Brahma beer and cocktails. It's just the right sort of place for an office party vibe, but Clare has also had lunch in there. We'll give it another go.
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Nilfisk pressure washer

Dad if you're thinking of buying a new pressure washer there is a deal here from Maplin, a 110 bar pressure washer. Not sure how it compares to a karcher, but they also do a 120 bar version. I'd be worried about the amount of water I'd be using though. Is there one that plugs into the sea?
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