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When you walk on by, and you call my name

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I went to Breakfast Club today at Harry's school. And it was nothing like the film at all, what a con.
They have breakfast club every day at school, you can pay a couple of quid and drop your child off early, they can have breakfast at school. We never do it, but this week they sent home a letter saying they were having a special reading breakfast club and parents were invited too. Come in, read a book, have your breakfast, and then carry on to school and work as normal, so I joined in. I really am a joiner in. There were only four or five other parents there but it was nice, if they do one again I'll go. Was an early start though, had to be there for 7:45.

Working from home today, struggling to get some work finished that I only partly understand. Thinking quite a lot about my day off tomorrow and our night out to see Stewart Lee.
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PAUL, Unable to deliver your item, #00130777

Look out bogus email purportingto be from fedex. It got through gmail's filters:

FedEx 2Day A.M. via
Attachments19:27 (1 minute ago)

to pauly
Dear Paul,

We could not deliver your item.
Shipment Label is attached to email.

Yours sincerely,
Miguel Richard,
FedEx Support Agent.

(c) 1995-2014 FedEx. The content of this message is protected by copyright and trademark laws under international law.

DON'T CLICK ON THE ATTACHMENT! It's a zip file, undoubtedly has something rum in it.
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They did announce a new pebble watch

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They just released details on kickstarter colour screen and microphone for responding to messages etc. Gah... you can get in now for $159 that is probably less than I paid for mine. Still pleased with mine though.

Harry loves mine, maybe I'll buy one for him.
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Home brew is now barrelled

Beer is done, and as last time, I've bottled a few and put the rest in a barrel. Hope it turns out ok, will leave it to rest for a few weeks before drinking. Probably.

This means the raspbrewery beer thermometer is no longer in use. So I've put it in the beer fridge in the study:

The brew is now finished so 28-0004784c24ff (the blue line) is a temperature probe is the room temperature, and 28-00044a7b9fff (the red line) is inside the drinks fridge (which I turn off at off peak times).

Hesitant to put the probe actually in the beer yet, though it's waterproof, think I need a well or something to keep it sterile.

I still call it a beer fridge, even though it mostly has soft drinks in it, don't tend to keep my beer in the fridge (I did have a Delerium Tremens from it last weekend though, ah the taste of stag dos!). I turn the beer fridge off off peak, in some misguided attempt to save energy. Now we can see at a glance if it's likely to be cold enough. Next time Clare goes on the exercise bike and wants a coke zero will it be a cold one? Or will it be luke warm and will she be furious?

Hmm I could make that on its own into an app couldn't I "is Clare likely to furious right now?"...
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Busy weekend

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Beano's Vegetarian Cafe Bar
Clare worked yesterday, so the boys and I had a day of fun on the bus. We went into Folkestone, was slightly easier and slightly cheaper than I had feared. Tommy was mostly in the small buggy and Harry was on his scooter, but we got into town and back again in one piece. Well, three pieces. I let Harry choose where to go for lunch and he chose Debenhams... yeah still got some work to do there. He had a lunch box in the cafe there and Tommy had some pasta. Tommy properly kicked off while we were waiting for food. He's just started dropping his nap but still seems like he needs it, he gets really cranky around lunchtime. Apart from that, all good. I then dragged them down to Beano's for me to have my lunch, while Harry had a cake and Tommy had a drink. Lovely I love Beano's.

Folkestone was very very quiet... We went to Payers Park too, even though it was a bit too cold and a bit too damp.

From February 2015

Today we have cleaned and tidied really, not much else. I even cleaned the car. We went for a walk in Hythe, Harry on his scooter again and Tommy on foot.

Also see Tommy reading:

From February 2015

Barrelled my home brew today, and did some coding for my pebble watch.
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