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oh yeah turns out there was a new raspberry pi camera on the way

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I guessed at this here a month ago, it's been available for a few days now. Might get one, but I'm quite happy with the old cameras so I might get an old one at a knock down price. I'm using it for security camera footage which has to be lower res really in order to store it all and move it around, so not hdmi standard. So the original 5 mega pixel is ok for now.


raspberry pi: cheap low powered computer
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Installed Chrome on the Raspberry Pi today

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What do you know, it does work! Works OK too. No more sites telling me "your browser is out of date".
I quite like using a very restricted browser though, shows up issues on websites for people who are using alternative browsers for one reason or another. Screen readers, or alternative accessibility type things.

Good day today wfh despite some big issues at work where a system we rely on went down. And a half day tomorrow, easing me in to a nice long weekend...
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If it was internet connected I might have one...

but £300 is a lot for a hairdryer. I do not spend 20 - 30 mins a day drying my hair as Dyson claims...

I don't post so much on the blog at the moment, I think mostly because I'm using with my actual friends. So instead of posting stuff here that no-one will see (maybe Mum and Dad, hi) then I post my inane comments there, in private, where half a dozen people are going to see it. That's where I first posted my opinion piece on the Dyson hairdryer.

While I'm here though, what was she dubbed again?

Another repost. I don't use twitter much these days either, it's all spam.

Had a career review today, think it was my first good one in six or seven years!
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Tommy might like this

Now he's done the big silver slide at the coastal park on his own I think Tommy might like the world's longest and tallest tunnel slide, opening soon. It's at the Orbit Tower near the Olympic Park in London. £15 a go in advance though, I hope he's not that keen...
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New light is in

Hard to get an impression of it though

If that didn't work pictures here somewhere...
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