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An internet campaign? That seems to have worked???

Fantastic news - our people-powered pubs campaign has defeated the government!

On Tuesday night, the government was forced to pass a law which bans pub companies from charging their landlords rip-off rents. [1] This was an unfair practice which squeezed the pennies of our local pub landlords while those at the top of pub chains made huge profits.

It's great news for our pubs - and proves that people-power works. Over 45,000 signed a petition calling for an end to the Great British Pub Scandal - then over 2500 of us emailed our MPs to make sure they voted the right way. And they did.

But it wasn't an easy win - up until the last minute it looked like MPs would vote the wrong way. Then they u-turned - and this doesn’t happen often. In fact, Tuesday's vote was the government's first defeat on one of their bills since the coalition formed in 2010. [2]

This proves just how powerful we are together. The government was on the side of giant corporations, until we spoke up. Thank you for being a part of this amazing victory for our pubs.

[1] Mirror: Pub landlords given fair deal after Coalition beaten by MPs revolt:
[2] Daily Mail: Cameron left humiliated after MPs defeat Government in bid to end scandal of 'rip off prices for beer':

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I slept strangely well last night

Very strange, I don't often feel I sleep well, nor do I wake up refreshed, even after a lie in, but this morning was just fine. I was cold and tired at bed time, so I slept in a layer, and I know I woke up in the night to take it off. This morning I must have woken up at a real sweet spot of sleep as I felt good. Strange! Maybe I should do some sleep tracking of some kind, would be nice to be like this every day.

Rest of the weekend was good, haven't updated in a couple of days, or so it feels. Clare and Harry went to gymnastics while I stayed home with Tommy. While he slept I got some little jobs about the place done, some housework and fixing some of the boys toys that have been on my todo pile for a while. Then I did some gardening while they all went to Dobbies in Ashford, did the lawn, cleaned up the garden toys ready to put away, and cut down the overgrown creeping bush thing in the back garden. Does not really look much better now but I feel I achieved something.
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Playmobil is amazing

I've been trying (and obviously failing) to repair Harry's playmobil mobile crane, mostly because he wants to give it to Tommy. The spindle thing that winds the hook up and down smashed a while ago. I suddenly thought to look online, see if I can get a replacement bit, and you can. You can order any part from if you know the part numbers from the instructions (and if you don't you can look up the instructions there too). It's costing me about two quid including postage to fix this thing, parts will be here in a few days!

Next I'm going to try the remote control unit that Tommy broke by throwing down the stairs...
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Free beer at the Firkin Alehouse today

Firkin Alehouse
To celebrate their second birthday, nice

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Lovely day, in Ashford of all places...

Started off in Folkestone to get Clare some glasses. The optometrist there is a friend of ours and gave us a good discount. The glasses in Specsavers were a lot cheaper than I was expecting anyway, so Clare got new glasses, lightweight, rimless, very nice looking, plus some prescription sunglasses. I was expecting a huge bill, but quite pleased with the result. Then I got some other DIY bits and pieces, some oil for the dining table and some more for the bench outside, going to spend the day oiling the woodwork tomorrow, how exciting. Then off to Ashford!
We had lunch at Pizza Express at the outlet centre, very nice but very busy. Then drove across Ashford to John Lewis and spent a few hours just browsing, then had a lovely tea break in their cafe, then came home. Spent a lot less money than I might have done, a very successful day I would say...
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Drove through this collapsed M25 on Sunday...

Hmm part of the M25 collapsed, we missed that but you may be caught up in delays...

I should be in bed, but I'm up watching Psycho on TV. It's quite good.
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We tricked Tommy into saying I Love You...

Clare cracked it in the end. Tommy says so much now, he'll repeat more or less anything and perform on queue like a trained monkey, but he would not say I Love You. We'd got to the "what noise does a cow make" stage and Clare said "What does Mummy say?", and he carried on the game with "I Love You". Lovely boy! He will repeat it for more or less any name, but still, he loves us!

Harry had a great week, 10/10 in his spellings again, my little genius. He had a superhero tag day today, for Children In Need, he was superman. Was too cold and windy and wet to take a picture on the way into school though, and I didn't think of it until the last minute, doh...
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