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Save the New Inn (Etchinghill)

The New Inn
There is a campaign to Save the New Inn, local residents want to get together, chip in, buy it and run it as a community pub. I think this is what happened to Saltwood Castle. Dom, are you listening? You should get in on this!

Via who I should check out more frequently being a card carrying CAMRA member!
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Happy voting in the referendum tomorrow

If you're Scottish, and you live in Scotland then enjoy voting tomorrow. Mostly I hope you vote no, and we stay a union. But, if you vote less, I think we (the South, including London and the media) would be willing to trade you continuing use of the pound for your Edinburgh Fringe festival. It could / should be moved to say Portsmouth, which is much more convenient. It would compensate for the ship building being moved from Portsmouth up to Scotland.

If Scotland has to have a new currency, they should call it the poond. I know I'm not the first to make this joke.
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Post loading javascript

Experimenting with loading javascript after the page has loaded for speed (as mentioned the other day) and I have extended the plan I had the other day. I have this repeating pattern where I am wrapping each piece of js in a self invoking anonymous function, and then adding in a check for other dependencies before executing the code. I'm writing this by hand every time, which is daft, so I'm thinking of detecting something like this in the source of the page:

<script src="foo.js" requires="bar,etc" />

and then grabbing the source of that and rewriting it as

!function ( ) {
var = init ( ) {
// original script goes here
var i = setInterval( function ( ) {
if ( ! ( && )) return;
clearInterval( i );
init( );
}, 10 );
}( );

Good pattern? Bad pattern? I'm not sure...


javascript: a major programming language of the internets, mostly how I make my living
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Watched Magnum

We have a full hard drive on our Humax, we need to start clearing down. Trouble is we're recording more new HD content than we can watch, so soon it's going to start deleting things. Every week there's a new feature length euro crime drama on BBC4HD (like the excellent Montalbano and Crimes Of Passion and it's munching up the space.

We've had 100 episodes of Magnum sitting there for a while, as it's always our reserve programme. Last night was a good one, near the end of series one (Magnum episode guide) and we found another 3 duplicate episodes, so that got a few percent down...

Time for work.


humax: set top box / media centre - like your sky plus, but better and free
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A strange virus got through the gmail net

I got an email like this:
Mauro Reddin via 15 Sep

to pauly

I was hoping to hear from you by now. May I have payment on invoice #78583159521 today please, or would you like a further extension?

Best regards,
Mauro Reddin

I didn't click it of course. Now I go back to that email and gmail is now blocking it as a virus, but it was definitely there to click first time round. Clever stuff getting past the google like that!
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It's brewing time!

I went in the new home brew shop in Folkestone today, and bought some beer making stuff! Time to dust off the old home brewing equipment, which I've not used all year. Going to make myself some beer this time instead of cider. Luckily I can use much of the same kit. It's a great shop, they have lots of the ingredients in there for doing it properly, but I'd need a bit more kit to do that. So I'm starting with a simple one, when I've drunk those forty pints I'll have a think about what to buy next.

There are lots of options for combining my DIY electronics hobby with the home brew, see for example, so I hope I can have some fun with this.

I'd like to make more cider but going to give the beer a go next.
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Gosport is the largest town in Britain without an operational railway station

Wow, thanks wikipedia. Just looking up the town of my birth because of a thing that came up the other day, I said Kevin Eldon was from Gosport, I always believed he was, and it turns out not to be true. Then it came back to me that there was some connection between Deep Purple and Portchester and that seems to be something I completely made up too. Now I'm wondering if any of the things I think I know are actually true? It's going to turn out that John Craven is taller than five foot after all isn't it?

Also from wikipedia: Alastair Stewart off the news and the drink driving charge is originally from Gosport. Him and Roger Black and Joe Jackson and myself are probably the only genuine notables.
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Went to The Drum yesterday

The Drum Inn
Seems we used to go there a lot more often, it's the nearest pub to work. My friend Ben was leaving so we went there for lunch. Just about every time we've been there with work at lunchtime we've said "one day, we should take the afternoon off and just stay here all day". We worked together for eight or nine years, and now he's left, and we never did it.
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Someone's using my lightwaverf robot butler code

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Nice, just got a support request on the google plus from someone who's trying to use it, makes it worthwhile revisiting the code again. I use it every day here for controlling the lights and blinds on a timer, but don't make too many changes to it. Maybe it's time for a new version.

At home today, just me and Harry and Tommy as Clare is working. They're playing nicely down in the playroom and I'm in the kitchen waiting for some potatoes to boil then going back to join them. Tried going out for a bit with Harry on his bike, but it's been a while and he's lost confidence again, and it was hard to hold him steady while stopping Tommy from running away down the street too. Will have another try when Clare gets in.

We're meant to be going out tonight for Dean's birthday, but one of the party is ill so we're postponing for a couple of weeks.

LightwaveRF heating controls are available at last, so there might well be a surge of interest in the work I've done. Might give some of these a go, though we have not had the heating on of course since about January. These do look pretty expensive too, hmm...


lightwaverf: the light switches etc that I use to give me remote control of everything in the house
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Wowser is anyone still using X10

X10 is the old home automation signal-over-power protocol, I thought it was long dead but just announced a bluetooth to x10 converter. With this you can use yor modern phone to control your old home automation devices. They have a stack of new things including usb sockets here. Looks like they're reselling cheap ones, the same plastic one I just bought from somewhere else, not the original brushed steel version I got from screwfix that I can no longer get...
Speaking of screwfix that I can no longer get...
Speaking of screwfix they're kicking me off their affililate programme for not sending them any traffic, bah. I will stop linking to them then!
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Stewart Lee is doing a secret gig in a cemetery

Details here, well no actual details, but that's where I got it from. He's going a gig in a secret cemetery location on October 4th. I bet it is Abney Park cemetery, he has mentioned that previously. Our old flat in Listria Park, Stoke Newington overlooks Abney Park Cemetery. Tickets here.

SECRET LOCATION is in zone 2, 35 min travel from London Bridge. Details released on the day of the event.

Stokey I reckon. I think Stewart Lee probably still lives there, he did when we were there. If you buy tickets for this and it turns out not to be there, then sorry.
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Oh yeah I went OUT last Friday

I almost never go out

My friend Ben is leaving work to become a chef, he had his leaving do in Bramley's in Canterbury. He's very popular so everyone turned out for it. We split into two parties to eat, I went in the Wagamama half and had my usual, then on to Bramley's. It would not be my first choice of place to go, it's expensive and not really pubby enough. We had plenty of drinks though, including cocktails and some vino collapso and then some Curious Porter, a local brew made by Bidenden's. We played some pool too, I either forgot or never knew that Bramey's has a pool table.

Splashed out on a taxi back here, it's the only way to do a proper night out in Canterbury, it would be too many bus changes, I'd never make it. Luckily there were three others coming this way so it made it affordable.

I had a nice night out.
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Bramley's being nothing to do with bramley apples of course

I think this place was previously Orange Street Music Club or at least in the same building as them on Orange Street in Canterbury. Is there any other fruity connection between these two names?

Historical names of venues mess with my searching a bit, not sure how best to keep track of places that changed their names...
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Experimenting with deferred css loading

Some code here, I'm trying it out on something for work, will give it a go on this site later. The theory being if I have some css (what you use to style a webpage) that is styling something that you can't see straight away, then load those rules later. You want the page to appear asap, don't worry about styling that stuff that you have to scroll down to until you are likely to see it. Not sure if my idea of setting a timeout to do it is good or not. Will test it compared to this snippet from the google:

function downloadJSAtOnload() {
var element = document.createElement("script");
element.src = "defer.js";
if (window.addEventListener)
window.addEventListener("load", downloadJSAtOnload, false);
else if (window.attachEvent)
window.attachEvent("onload", downloadJSAtOnload);
else window.onload = downloadJSAtOnload;


javascript: a major programming language of the internets, mostly how I make my living
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An update to that

I've done some more, I will work all of this into this site as soon so you can just view the source...
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