Airports by rail :: Greenwich to Stansted


Rail travel from Greenwich to Stansted, with Holiday Extras

Rail travel from Greenwich to Stansted.

Greenwich has cctv payphone phone shop

Stansted, Stansted Airport, Round Coppice Road, Stansted, Essex, CM24 1SF.

Airports by rail, with My employer, who I work for. I am not earning a fee on this (damn).

To take advantage of these prices you will need to prove you are not a business traveller, on the way to stansted airport, so you will need to provide either your flight details or your holiday booking reference. I don't think you will need to provide this when you arrive at greenwich station but you may be asked to provide them on yr travels from greenwich station to stansted airport.

Going to the airport by train is great, you can sleep, read a book (even at night), play travel scrabble, or just gaze out of the window... The other restriction to buying these cheap train tickets from the station to stansted airport is that there must be at least two grown ups travelling together. But another great advantage is that children go free. All children under 5 go free, and then one kidover five but under sixteen per adult travelling by train to the airport.

make sure you leave enough time to get to the airport early enough to eat, shop and so on, so check the times of trains from greenwich station before you go. If you end up with time to kill at the airport you can always read a book or play travel scrabble again! As you have bought yr train ticket in advance, you don't need to worry about the opening hours of the station.

the station opening times: Monday-Sunday 09:00-18:00, Monday-Friday 06:00-21:30, Saturday 06:00-21:30, Sunday 06:00-21:30, .

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