Blog2003 ≫ Datbase crash

These are happening more and more frequently these days, but this is the first time that the database has crashed and I've really lost data... the punter.MYD file deleted itself somehow on the crash, that is where all punter data is stored, nightmare! My most recent backup is over two weeks old, as the backup procedures have been failing since the server move... it's lucky that I have a backup as recent as that really!

It might all work out nicely, I have emailed all punters to say "oops, sorry" and asking them to get their friends to join up, we might gain more punters than we lost...

Ringtones aren't going to work out as smoothly as they did before, the ringtone company won't give access to the data, they just say "put a banner on your site, that'll do it"... it's rubbish, what we need is to be able to say to stellastarr⁎ fans "by the way, would you like Jenny as a ringtone" and so on, that's the way to get the revenues up... hopefully they'll see sense.

On a more positive note, got 1200 quid for an old mailshot today, and another 1500 for the month for ad banners... with all the other affilliate deals and so on, I'm doing OK, even NOT counting the work I'm doing for other bits of the company1.

Looking forward to the weekend... racing off to Folkestone after work, for Dom's birthday celebrations. Popping in to The Enterprise first as sadly a good colleague and partner in drinking time is leaving today2. Still, had a good lunch with him today in a thai restaurant on Regents Park Road...

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